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As an experienced competitive powerlifter, Brandon has long been familiar with Cluster Dextrin, Aura’s key ingredient. It wasn’t until his personal training clients bemoaned the lack of choice in energy drinks that he got the idea to develop a drink fueled by Cluster Dextrin.



Studying biomedical engineering at the University of Arizona, Shaun led the team in developing the formula for Aura and struck a trademark licensing deal to receive wholesale shipments of the Cluster Dextrin to the company’s headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.  



Mikayla is a very active individual. From playing team sports to working out regularly, physical activity has always been a way for her to relieve stress and have fun. She takes nutrition very seriously, which is why a high performance sports drink with no added sugars or artificial ingredients is a great alternative to existing options. Mikayla’s in-depth knowledge of financial planning and higher mathematics, along with her exceptional organizational skills, make her a key financial leader for the company."


Human Resources

Hi! I'm Lexi Charles, a current senior at the University of Arizona. I have a love and passion for both fitness and a clean lifestyle, so when I was offered the role of HR Manager for Aura, I immediately accepted. As the HR Manager, I oversee our lovely small knit team! At Aura we pride ourselves on our fun, welcoming, and exciting startup culture where team members are encouraged to take risks and embody an autonomous role.


Creative Specialist

Hi there! My name is Carson Schilling and I'm a video editing and content creation specialist here at Aura Beverage Co.! I am in charge of taking all of the team's video assets and turning them into something wonderful that will not only help promote the brand but make sure that we all have a blast while doing so. Aura is the first energy drink that I've actually craved because my experiences with energy drinks always end in a crash.


Social Media Management

Matt is a Digital Media graduate from Gastonia, NC. He believes that he can help Aura grow a social media presence that will help athletes find  healthier alternative to the forefront. Matt specializes in social media content creation and currently manages the aura beverage instagram.
Favorite Aura flavor: Blood Orange



Ryne Handelman graduated from the University of Arizona in 2016, and has served since as an Alumni Mentor as part of the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship. He has supported Aura in a mentorship and consultative capacity since their inception, and is a vocal minority shareholder and current member of their Board of Directors. 


Website Designer

Hi, I'm Keanna and I am a UX/UI designer from Kaua'i HI. I found Aura through an internship program and have grown so much respect for the brand and the team behind it. As a Brazilian jiu jitsu athlete I know how hard it can be making healthy choices when trying to stay energized. I am excited to see the growth of Aura and what it can do for athletes around the world.