Aura: The Next Generation of Performance Nutrition

The first energy drink was created in 1939 by a Chicago chemist featuring a blend of caffeine, vitamins, and flavor additives. Since then every new energy drink has featured a similar formula, with each iteration simply jacking up caffeine levels and swapping out different artificial flavorings. Now, Aura Beverage Co. is revolutionizing performance nutrition with Aura, the next generation of performance nutrition.

Aura is among the first energy drinks to actually lower caffeine levels to just 79 mg, slightly more than that of a single shot of espresso. Aura’s drastically reduced caffeine levels are made possible by a new formula featuring just six essential ingredients and nothing more. 

Aura enables your body to more efficiently utilize the energy derived from caffeine with the addition of Cluster Dextrin, an advanced carbohydrate shown in multiple studies to support an increase in endurance and reduction in fatigue levels. 

Aura also has zero sugar and no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or food colorings. Instead Aura is naturally sweetened with high quality stevia extract, and one can of Aura contains just 60 calories from Cluster Dextrin to feed your brain and muscles . With only six ingredients you can know exactly what is fueling your body and how.

No one should have to suffer caffeine jitters and sugar bloat from a drink purporting to energize and refuel. In fact, Cluster Dextrin has been shown to reduce stomach discomfort that commonly occurs when drinking other sports and energy drinks, as well as decreases the levels of stress hormones produced during exercise. Cluster Dextrin even helps your body to gradually release energy, preventing the typical spike and crash of energy levels common when drinking caffeine. 

Aura’s scientifically backed  approach to providing real energy without junky additives reflects who this drink is for: those who care not just about getting the job done, but getting it done right. As any top athlete will tell you, cutting corners won’t win you first place. Aura was created to inspire everyone to perform at their very best, whether you’re a performance athlete or working eighteen hours a day to build your own company. Aura is for the innovators, the record setters, the entrepreneurs, the health-conscious, and those who never settle for second in ANY aspect of life. Whatever your goal may be, Aura fuels you to Go For Gold.

If Aura has such a simple, six-ingredient formula, why did it take so long for a drink like this to be developed? Brandon Boon, an endurance athlete, fitness coach, and one of three founders of Aura Beverage Co, says Cluster Dextrin has long been a “hidden gem” for endurance athletes because of its ability to double time-till-exhaustion. The complex carbohydrate isn’t as readily available as just stuffing a can with excess caffeine, but it’s the clear solution for a higher quality energy drink. The idea came to Boon after years of being asked by his clients if there is an energy drink available that isn’t ultimately detrimental to their health.  

This is the endmost controversy around energy drinks. Type any mention of them into Google and the suggested search list will fill up with common concerns: “are energy drinks bad for you?” “safe?” “bad for your heart?” This line of questioning has always been the drawback to energy drinks, and rightfully so. Yet no company has ever before tried to alleviate these concerns. Like most industries, every new drink to pop up on the market has been a replication of those that came before. With the right marketing campaign, any drink could be sold, but Boon and his cofounders at Aura Beverage Co, Mikayla Spaizman and Shaun Brown, were interested in creating a product that succeeds because of its quality, not its image. 

After years of envisioning an improved energy drink, the trio developed Aura while studying at The University of Arizona. Each of them had long been tired of energy drinks with too many additives, unnecessary amounts of caffeine, and no true variance between brands. After  placing at the New Venture Competition in the University of Arizona’s McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship New Venture Development Program and attracting investors, the three of them got to work scaling their idea to provide energy fueled by science, not sugar. 

All three founders had different motivations for developing Aura. Boon wanted to be able to point his clients to a health-conscious product, Spaizman typically avoided sports drinks because of the high levels of sugar and an intolerance to it’s common derivatives like sucrose, and Brown was wary of ingesting so many chemicals and so much caffeine with every energy drink he consumed during late nights studying.

Aura’s low calorie count and small caffeine dosage means more people can benefit from it than just fitness buffs spending long hours in the gym. Aura’s long-lasting energy is a healthy option for students studying to ace their next exam, new employees working late hours to polish up that proposal, or just anyone who needs a boost throughout their day. 

Aura is not just a performance drink, but a tool to bring together a community of like-minded individuals who care about their health and wellbeing while striving for the very best in all that they do. Aura is a key asset in reaching one's physical goals and improving overall health. When you go for Aura, you Go For Gold.

Written by: Ryan Thaxton