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Stevia leaf extract no sugar no preservatives no dyes no artificial colors, all natural

no Artificial Additives

Sometimes, saying no is okay. Such as NO artificial sweeteners, NO preservatives, and absolutely NO colors or dyes.
Refreshing, all-natural flavors sweetened with high quality stevia extract, and no sugar alcohols, which are known to cause stomach discomfort and digestive issues for many. We want you to feel your best drinking Aura.

79 au aura gold low caffeine cluster dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin smooth energy aura beverage co

Less is more

As others in the industry go higher and higher in caffeine, we look at the side effects of too much. Anxiety, dehydration, rapid or abnormal heartbeat, insomnia, and other effects: the last thing anyone needs when trying to enhance their performance.

Aura has just 79 mg of caffeine from organic coffee beans: about the same as a single shot of espresso. Combined with Cluster Dextrin, we've created a smooth and long-lasting energy unlike anything you’ve tried.  

science no sugar cluster dextrin aura beverage co carbohydrate waxy maize reduce stress hormone low fatigue highly branched cyclic dextrin dopamine

Fueled by Science.
Not Sugar.

Aura is the only drink on the market to utilize Cluster Dextrin, an advanced carbohydrate shown in multiple studies to support an increase in endurance, a reduction in fatigue levels, cause less stomach discomfort, and even reduce our stress hormone response after exercise.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out the studies and trials here. We like to provide you full transparency with access to the research.  

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